22 May, 2007

People's Republic of Stokes Croft

I am very impressed by PRSC (The People's Republic of Stokes Croft)'s work. It has been set up to turn what is otherwise an area of deprivation in Bristol, into a recognised area of culture.
Stokes Croft is right on the edge of St Paul's in Bristol, an area, for those who aren't familiar with Bristol, which has a long history of social problems peaking in some big riots in the early eighties.
Stokes Croft is also right at the start of one of the cities major transport arteries northbound from the centre, so it has quite a substantial percentage of Bristol's populous passing through it each day.

PRSCWith this in mind The People's Republic ...
Have set up returning the area to its' former glorious state of colourful, tasteful advertising, with signage and Billboards. the idea is if they can get all the parts of the area which are neglected or tagged, and get proper graffiti artists and other murals and artwork up to beautify the area, then how nice would that look?

PRSC Lower Gay St (note:Graffti already!)PRSC Lower Gay St (note:Graffti already!)

On Tuesday 15th, they organised a whole load of people to turn up and paint the boards outside of the homeless persons hostel which I live. I had forgotten all about it until I walked passed, with Amon strapped to my chest in a Baby Bjorn carrier. Then I rushed home and got this photo, which I stuck up and varnished with interior varnish in an attempt to keep the weather off.

shopping trolley icon

I'm so glad to have got involved in doing something to improve where I live and to take part in something so unique and apt to the area.

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Bagpuss said...

Me and Emma walked by there the other day and she enjoyed having a nose. I think its a relaly good idea. Gutted we missed the open studios the other :( Too busy rushing off to Venn..