21 May, 2007

Update on parenthood

So everything is still going amazingly. Baby Amon is in great health, and somehow, we know not how, Rosa and I are struggling through.
As if he wasn't blessing enough already, he's started sleeping for longer at nights after only two weeks (touch plyboard desk he sticks or improves on this), so we (as in Rosa) get woken up twice in the night for feeds, burps and changes which is bearable.

Little Amon still doesn't do a great deal, holds fingers in his hand, stares at interesting patterns of light and dark on the wall, especially when you're trying to show him so cool mobile or over-priced toy.
His favourite game, and it's a cool little trick, is to wait until you've just changed him and then do a big one, or alternatively, wait until he's naked and then do a "fountain". It's a classic and we have a whole load of fun, cleaning up and washing things constantly. We're not even on the washable nappies yet (I know, there go my eco-credentials, although are disposables are largely biodegradable).

Here's a slideshow of photos (if it works, if not follow this link to my photobucket account)

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