15 March, 2007

Mobius Strip

I am very bored at work.

11 March, 2007

Meeting my nephew

I'm clearly going photo-happy this evening, putting all my recent pictures up.
This afternoon I met my nephew. He's the first of the next generation in my family. He was born to Lizzie and Luke about three week ago, four weeks premature, so he's still amazingly small (I think Lizzie said still 6 lb 4) and relatively quiet and sleepy. He'd just fed though, when we arrived so that may explain it. I got to hold him for an hour, maybe more, whilst he slept and he snuffled and whined and made lots of itty bitty little baby noises. Goddamn, I can't wait until mine is born, especially not if he's half as sweet.

Please may I introduce Torin ...

My first nephew

My first nephew

Ancona, Italy

I went to Ancona for work on Thursday and Friday. It was pretty good, all in all, and I got about much done as I'd expected. There are still a lot of holes in the guide we've to prepare by June and anxieties over Finances and making sure everyone's budgets are OK, but I think we're making good progress and getting things done. This is the website I maintain for work. Here's some of the less-business-orientated photos from the trip.

Relaxing after our meeting on FridayAncona, Italy, 9 March 2007

There's a guy in Bristol with a marker pen who writes "Jesus" absolutely everywhere, and I was glad to see he's got a colleague over in Italy.
The side of a cleaning truck by one of the main squares in Ancona.
Jesus lives in Italy

I seem to love photos of rust and grimy things. I found an advertising board with a hole rusted in it, and a hole built into the wall behind it:
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Imogen's Hands

I went out with a whole load of work friends on Friday before last. I had quite a good time and got fairly damn shloshed in a good way.

Anyway, I took this photo of Imogen, and she said I could put it up here, so here t'is:
Imogen's Hands
I quite like it. It looks quite arty.
This new camera of mine is giving me lots of fun.