09 May, 2007

Amon Zach Richards Sadler.

Amon Sadler
Not the prettiest photo in the world, but at least his eyes are open in this one.

We have finally come to an opinion on our little baby's name.

The decision was a tricky one. Jasper, Harry and Finn or Finlay were all names we were considering recently. We wanted a name with 2 syllables for the forename, we like Biblical names or old names, but nothing too popular.

I got Amon from Amon Tobin, a musician I like. I met him when he played the Thekla in Bristol at a gig John Stevens put on and he was a thoroughly nice chap.

Rosa favourite has always been Zac, mostly, I think, because she fancies Zach Braff, the actor (from Scrubs) and Zac Goldsmith the environmentalist (from The Ecologist). She will probably claim she just likes the name, but ...

Amon is very happy right now because his mother's milk has come in and his no longer having stinky yellow colostrum on a drip-by-drip basis. Please let me know if you want a blow by blow detail on his poo, I believe it's something all parents are weirdly fascinated by and we are developing a chart of his progress to date - kerwow!

More later.

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