04 June, 2007

The League of Apathy

So, yeah.
I founded the League of Apathy (yes, that was me!) back in 2002 and thought I should mention it to someone.
Umm, like, here's our* manifesto, which is a kind of work in progress I haven't yet finished.

League of Apathy Manifesto

  1. The League of Apathy is the true way towards the enlightenment of people, betterment of the planet and all that jazz.
  2. Note to self: Think of a second comment
  3. Ignore idiots.
  4. Get it wrong the first time and you're unlikely to be asked again.
  5. Putting things off until later could be a good idea, unless it's too much bother
  6. Things can be best achieved through the natural gestation of the apathetic.
to be finished later...

*I say "our", it's just me really, and I think Alex might have joined once. If anyone else wants to join the League, do let me know, and we'll, umm, have a cup of tea or something.

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