14 June, 2007

More homebrews

After the fun I've had making beer, I've gone a bit brewing-crazy.
homebrew: dark ale in cider bottles

I got some wicked old cider bottles for putting my beer in, they have glass screw-stoppers with rubber seals to stop them bursting. And they feel properyl 1930s. the problem is some of my beer's gone flat as some of the seals are probably from teh 1930s!

A couple of months or so ago I went out to the countryside where my mum lives and got a load of dandelion heads (it was St George's Day: the best day for picking dandelions, apparently) and oak leaves.
The Dandelion wine has now breweed and been bottled, and the poak leaf wine has finished bubbling and will be bottled in a month or two.

Taking the elderflowers off the flowerheads
For my birthday my mum gave me a load MORE elderflowers (ontop of the stuff I got just before Amon's birth which I turned into wine and cordial and now I've got three bottles of elderflower cordial)

I also have a gallon and a half of ginger beer which I made at the weekend for my birthday (30th dontchaknow)

The Ginger beer tastes good, I used a really good recipe from CJ Berry's classic book about brewing. It tastes a bit lemony, fairly gingery and has a hint of cream of tartar - a substance I haven't quite figured out yet. My main problem is that I can't figure out how to kill off the yeast without making it go flat. This means that it slowly gets more alcoholic and I need to release the pressure in the bottles every day. I discovered this this morning when I took the champagne cork out of the demi-john it was in and all the CO2 that was liquidised within it turned suddenly to gas and with a whoosh which sent the cork rebounding off the ceiling spurted all over my living room.

Brewing's excellent fun!

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