08 April, 2007

Batter mix

I am incensed by this stuff. Usually it says on the packet, just add milk and egg, but occasionally it's water and egg.
I wonder whether people know that they are basically buying flour, or flour and milk powder.
I hate people sometimes.
Then I consider custard powder, and absolutely everyone I know uses custard powder to make custard. This is normal, and yet the same applies somehow.
To make custard from powder:
Put powder into a receptacle
Add hot water
heat and stir
To make custard from scratch:
Put milk into a receptacle
add an egg yolk and some sugar; stir.

I mean, whichever way you make it you have to get the proportions right, and most people have egg and milk in the house, so why does anyone even bother with custard powder?

And another thing ...

No. Actually I've run out of outrage. All this talk of custard has made me sleepy.


Blue in Bristol said...

Gah. custard powder. yeeuck.

Birds custard powder is so nasty and yet most people seem to think that's how you make custard. Yet a simple vanilla custard is so delicious and so simple to make.

i'm with you on this one. although now i have the urge to go and make custard which i must subdue as have been pigging on Easter food all day.

Happy Easter.

Gemma said...

Who knew that searching technorati for custard recipes would lead to someone I knew! The internet is a wonderful thing.

Congratulations on the baby!

Pippin said...

Thanks, Gemma.
Gemma who? Gemma Potter? Surely not!

Best Tip ever is to always have a big jar of sugar in the house and leave vanilla pods in it, so the sugar goes all vanilla-y. It's virtually never ending vanilla flavouring!

We had creme brulees the other day, which are gorgeous and involve fun with flamethrowers.