16 April, 2007

The 5 course pastie PART II

I have realised the dream and it was ... well, it needs a little work, but it's getting there.

Surprisingly the espresso jelly worked out well and it was the main filling that let me down.

Anyway, to tide you over until I write up all the details and paste up some photos from photobucket (my photos are here, but there's a lot of other rubbish there, too...) Here's the diagram I based it all on ...

Pasties: PLAN A

It's not very clear, I was originally considering an additional hard-baked handle for carrying it, but talked myself into thinking it was a friend's mistake and that all it needed was some good crimping.

    Plan Reads (left to right:
  • asparagus tips (wrapped in the word bacon)
  • Pork, fennel, coriander, white wine, coriander, sweetcorn and barley
  • Apple puree and cardamom
  • cheese and a grape (which I bought but forgot to put in)
  • digestive border
  • espresso jelly

Mmmm, still sounds good.

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Anonymous said...

i wan't one damnit!