05 January, 2007

Those who could, can't

Jesus, I'm frustrated. Those of you who know me, know that I have been trying to get a place on a course as a teacher this year. In fact most of this year, that is what I have been aspiring to do. You'd think with all the adverts and press that the government have put out that it would be an easy process, wouldn't you?

No way!
There are about 3 or 4 different agencies, a number of different ways they want to communicate and the entire experience has been quite traumatic.

Now, obviously I am angry because I haven't got a place on a course. Why else would I be so riled? The most annoying thing though is not that I was turned down, it's that I was accepted at every stage of the process, accepted for a place on a Maths Enhancement Course (MEC) to get my maths up to scratch in the 6 months prior to the teaching course (a PGCE - Post-Graduate Certificate in Education) starting; accepted for a place on a PGCE to go and study in the same place as the Enhancement Course is taught. But simultaneously as Bath Spa University accepted me for a place on the PGCE they wrote to me to say that the MEC was now full up (despite having previously assured me that if I was fast enough I would get a place - and I did everything I could from that moment) and I would have to go elsewhere to study.

Jesus, God-blaspheming mother-loving shit-sticks!

Now I'm on the waiting list for the MEC course which starts on Monday week. I presume that I am anyway, because when I phoned them a day after receiving their e-mail they had all gone off for Christmas and there's neither sign nor trace of them yet. My alternatives are: To commute to the nearest MEC course in Plymouth (or Birmingham) each day; to postpone my PGCE until next year; or to give up entirely. I'm just pent up with fury right now and feel like smashing things. it's been like this for a few days.
Thanks for listening.

People keep trying to give me reassuring advice or tips, which just makes me more angry for some reason, because their advice is usually as futile as what I've already considered, which will eventually lead to nowhere. More on this later, I expect. A more considered and rational explanation.

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Anonymous said...

That sucks! How have things worked out since then? I'm applying for the MEC and PGCE at Bath Spa this fall. Was it quite competitive? What was the interview like? How early did you apply through GTTR?

Thanks, Eric DeWitt