23 January, 2007

Save the Junction

The Junction is a gnarly little pub on Stokes Croft in Bristol. One of the few remaining venues in Bristol where local bands have a chance to play gigs without too many overheads.
Most of the bands who play there are pretty loud, often punky and always great fun.
It's a good idea to go prepared with earplugs.
Recent financial troubles almost brought it to it's knees, but a bit of cash over christmas has just about kept it rolling on. If you are a Bristolian (or merely an eccentric philanthropist) who likes this type of venue, then click on the banner above and buy their CD of local bands and artists who have in most cases recorded songs eclusively for this venture.
Bands include:
  • Loci - Zweifel

  • White Trash Ambition - Celebrity Spaz Plug (unreleased)

  • SJ Esau - All Agog (Smaller Intestine Mix)

  • North Sea Navigator feat Rose Kemp - Edward ( UK exclusive)

  • Big Joan - The Sucker's Bug

  • Mustard Allegro - Grosser Weiser (unreleased)

  • My Own Flag - Intervention (unreleased)

  • You and the Atom Bomb - El Apacheo

  • Redd FM - Dirty Bitch Tango (live @ Folkhouse)

  • Hunting Lodge - Dub Ghost (feat. Terry Edwards)

  • Safetyword - Debobbler (unreleased)

  • First of the Giants - Sufferer Jet (live @ Lousiana)

  • Geisha - Cocktown & The G-Boys (Unreleased)

  • Mea Culpa - A Panoramic View of Deception

  • Santa Dog - Rosa

  • The Taxidermist - Spend the Night

  • The Girl From Headquarters - A Worthless Man

  • Arctic Circle - Comfort Zone (unreleased)

  • Team Brick - Alsatian

In a very nepotistic manner I have put links in for some of my friends' bands sites.

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