24 January, 2007

Land's End to John o'Groats books

Invaluable books I used on my walk:

A chap called Andy Robinson objected to me saying I'd used his book for my walk, as it was as yet unpublished, so I actually bothered to dig out the remains of my books and check their names they are as below.
I'm presuming that this is the same Andy Robinson's list of LEJOG books, excluding his as yet unpublished masterpiece. Cheers, Andy!
Long Distance Path Chart

This first book is an invaluable map of all the major pathways throughout England and Wales (Scotland has strange barely existant trespassing laws which mean, correct me if I'm wrong) you're pretty much allowed to stomp in a straight line over any mountain field or bit of countryside you please (Countryside code-obeying stomping, of course).

The Land's End to John o'Groats Walk

The second is the route and description as outlined below. I have it in pieces as it was bound to the spine in 3 places and I ripped out the third and posted the rest home once I was north enough.
One thing I will say about walking guide books is that it's important to get one going in the right direction. I got a guide for Offa's Dyke that ran north to south and was forever reading back and forth trying to figure out which direction I should be heading over a field et cetera.
That and buying second hand maps from the 50's. Although the fifties maps are quaint, it can be annoying when by-passes have to be walked around, housing estates pop up where forests should be and villages with shops (and pubs) in are now shopless.

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