22 December, 2006

My very merry mix

I knew this photo would come in handy, when I took it circa 2001

I was off work with a cold and feeling a bit grotty about two months ago. On the other hand I had a few precious hours away from Rosa in which to play all the music she doesn't really like very much. So I made this lovely mix for my mate Gareth. He didn't get around to using it yet (Gareth - I'll make you another exclusive mix, just as soon as I get a new computer), so instead it got sent to Bruce at House Plant Radio and ended up here: OLO Radio.
Happy listening.

Here's a vague track listing from what I can recognise listening back to it now:

  1. Nosrep

  2. Squarepusher - Go Plastic

  3. possibly(?) some BS2000 in there.

  4. Dom & Roland - (the one with the radar on the cover)

  5. Goldie - Demonz

  6. Patrick Dawes - Creep

  7. Him - don't know which track, sorry.

  8. Hal Wilner - Alamo Hellfire

  9. True Colours - Cyndi Lauper

  10. Stock, Aitken and Walkman - again, it's brilliant stuff, but I can't Name That Track

  11. The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby

  12. unknown artist and tune - Break dat (thing)

  13. Triosk - unknown track

  14. BBC World of Sports

  15. There's Monolith by The Beta Band in the mix somewhere, but I haven't found it yet

  16. Venetian Snares

  17. James Dean in A Rebel Without a Cause

Anyway, it's the Friday before Christmas and a "working lunch" beckons;
Merry Christmas one and all!


DJ Bonus said...

yeah - nice show, but didn't you send it to Bruce @ house-Plant radio. mmm...


Pippin said...

Good point, there, chief. You must remind me how the whole thing worked and how it ended up on OLO Radio. I seem to be loosing track of these things.
Nevermind, I'll keep recording stuff and putting it out there if you keep liking it.