03 February, 2007

Having a geek moment

I am KingPippin on del.ico.us

What am I talking about? Well, I've indulged my geeky side and set up an online bookmarking tool, which, frankly, bores the piss out of everyone I tell. So instead of boring my friends, family (and especially my lovelyspecialladyfriend), I though I'd bore the piss out of a load of trolls, spiders and lurkers on t'internet. Apologies if you know me.

This was supposed to be fancy javascript but blogger.com wouldn't accept it, so it's a screenshot.

I think it's fantastic, obviously. All of the above words are tags I've put on my bookmarks, so I can cross reference different themes (e.g. film and food tags http://del.icio.us/kingpippin/film+food gives you films about food; hopefully). [Edit: this would work embedded if Blogger .com accepted javascript in their pages, which they don't, as is the above is just a picture linked to my del.ico.us page]
This means I can just bookmark EVERYTHING I may ever want to se again. EVER. and I thinks it's great I do.

Thankyou for patronising me, do carry on reading now.

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