15 September, 2006

Long live...

I used to have a little Victorian morality story for children about a selfish rich child called Pippin. The Book was called King Pippin and I seem to remember it had a horrible ending in which Pippin drowned or something. Hold on one minute ....

No. Weird; after all these years it's missing from the book shelf and all I have is a half-memory of a lithograph of a boy running. It seems like a weird thing to title yourself after. It is, I guess.

I do have another book on my shelf though. Something a little bit more contemporary:
The Short Reign of King Pippin IV, John Steinbeck

Steinbeck, very uncharacteristically (although I don't know a lot about John Steinbeck)wrote a farce set in France on a hypothesis of a 2nd French revolution and a return to a monarchy. It's set in the mid-twentieth century and is quite astute and quite funny. Alright, at points I was only reading it because he had my name I admit, but, all the same, recommended.

The other thing to set me off, was assuming an alter-ego on Choke of 'The King', which taught me far too much about Elvis (and the King o the Jews).
Elvis & I Elvis of the bleeding heart

For me, his diet was one of the interesting things. He would wake up in the night and snack heavily. Towards the end of his life when he was clinically obese and addicted to prescription drugs (he was strictly legal, I think; when he met Nixon he was trying to get appointed drug tsar for the US) his Doctor had him on a diet of just jello, but he still had a cook on the payroll who would cook him whatever gorgeous fatty concoction he would dream up. Various myths surround his actual weight at the autopsy.

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Matt said...


There was a book published in 1814 called "The History Of King Pippin."

It was subsequently included in a chapbook (a small pamphlet containing tales or tracts, often sold by pedlars) and the full title of this was;

"The history of little King Pippin, with an account of the melancholy death of four naughty boys who were devoured by wild beasts and the wonderful delivery of Master Harry Harmless, by a little white horse."

I managed to find "The History of King Pippin" here;

and he almost drowns in the end, but... well, I wont spoil it for you. There are plenty of lithographs to enjoy though...

As for Steinbeck - well, he just sounds made up.