07 September, 2006

Indoor BBQ

I'm halfway through making a BBQ for Rosa when she gets back all wearing and punctured from acupuncture. As there were no rolls for the veggie burgers I picked up on the way home, I tried making some in the bread machine. I followed the recipe, set it to knead. Watched it need for five minutes (whilst I pre-boiled some sweetcorn) and then got fed up, took it out and kneaded it myself. Time is of the essence here (despite me sitting at the computer instead of cooking).
Also on the menu: salad from our little garden (and round lettuce from the shops) and a whole range of chutneys (yay! Chutney! I can't eat the plum chutney I made yet, as it must sit for 4-6 weeks first. Dag nam it.
After sitting in the drizzle at my sisters on the weekend (admittedly having a good chinwag, but still feeling damp), you'd think I'd have accepted that the British BBQ season is well and truly over, wouldn't you?
My chilli plant still has no flowers, :-(

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Sorry about the rain