15 September, 2008

Warm-up for Reebok Bristol Half Marathon

For the last month I've been working on the Bristol Half Marathon. On the day I was responsible for College Green, which meant that this was about as close to the race as I got. It was a great day and I got some really good feedback from the runners. Maybe next year I'll run.

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Anonymous said...

(Bump, putting my reply up one this entry in the chance that you'll read it. Starting to understand how this Internet thing works. Ground control to major Tom!)

Pippin! Hello me old mucka, good god! A new little baby, a mini Pippin! I've been trying to contact you for ages. It's Matt with the Cow. I'm going to bookmark this site and see if you still check it out, then i'll try and pass on my e-mail address to you.

I've been trying to call for years, to one of your old numbers in Bristol and to an old phone number that I think was your parents house that you gave me back in '97. Not had any luck contacting you since 2003, have been trying on and off every year since then. Last had your sun-alliance e-mail but you dropped off the face of the earth since then.

In the last couple of weeks I finally got an Internet connection and stumbled my way here.

You little boy must be coming up for 18 months or so, and you're a performance poet? Fantastic.

Hopefully you'll read this and I can keep in touch.

Smokle me a kipper skipper, Matt with the Cow.