06 August, 2007

Single Use Items

No, I'm not talking about disposables that get chucked once done with. I thought I'd share a secret and indulgent passion of mine ... I really love kitchen gadgets that serve one singular and niche purpose the more bizarre the better (although I have an irrational dislike of garlic crushers).

As you see in the little animation below, I bough an egg slicer the other day. To me they are the epitome of this kind of item.

Egg slicing the way it was meant to be.

But let us not forget the noble toothpick, or olive fork, or even better the pickle fork with spring action. My grandmother had one of these and I've wanted one ever since. I can't explain how they work but they are a marvel of victorian engineering akin to the canal system in my warped mind.

What other items bring joy to my heart when rummaging in the drawer for some tool or other?
Pizza cutters, mandolins, pestle and mortar, scone cutters, coffee makers, cheese slicers, flour dusters; God they're lovely.

The only problem is I have a perfectly good knife and my brand new egg slicer from Aldi makes the egg look like this:



caleb said...

i too find glee in the noble pickled onion grabber. along time before i left the brizzle i saw them being sold in the big department store on parkstreet, they sell lots of wooden shit and middleclass toys and stuff.
these sorts of contraptions are a curse to a curious type like myself tho. many a night i've ended up in casuality with a pickled onion grabber hanging out my nose, or 3rd degree burns from overheated microwave dried freshly laundered underpants.

Guy said...

you need to boil your egg for longer