24 August, 2006

Getting over the countryside

Its been hard coming back from a holiday in the countryside, going back to work in tis dusty, crusty city.
My nose has got blocked up again, my lungs have recognisably got worse (although I'm not back on the Ventolin yet), I'm back in my routine of staying up until about 1am, which means getting up for work really hurts towards the end of the week.

Basically, I think I need to leave town and live in the countryside, is what I'm saying.
The view from mum's garden

I had a good long hungover think whilst I was waking up in the shower this morning and felt almost copernican about buggering off for some countryside goodness. My mate Caleb made it out to Yeovil, but I don't really know how that whole lifestyle is going. I guess it must be good.

Too tired to be angry now. I think I'll join Rosa on th sofa sucking up that telly juice through her eyes.
Mmmm, telly juice.

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